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VisionAI Customization FAQs

Learn more about customization of models

What is customization of models?

Customization of models lets you manage AI models based on your data and its semantics. Our solution help you choose the data and scenarios on which you wish to generate insights.

Does VisionAI solution can interact with my existing camera?

Our ready-to-deploy models can be installed on your system with the help of ARM templates. After this, you can add and customize camera settings per the scenarios. Since our solution works with most consumer and commercial-grade cameras, you’ll likely not have difficulty using our services.

How can I handle large number of classes?

We have a dedicated team of annotators. Any number of classes can be added/removed from the model easily. We support model customization through class selection exclusively.

How do I get a solution for a use-case that's not included in VisionAI tool kit?

We are open to add new any use-case in VisionAI depending on customer's Business perspective. We would be building custom models for any new case.