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VisionAI platform FAQs

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What is VisionAl ?

VisionAI is ready-to-use Python Library for various Computer Vision Scenarios.

What scenarios do you support?

VisionAI library is focused on common workplace and employee health & safety scenarios. At a high-level these include the employee health and safety hazard & fire warnings, equipment monitoring, vehicle monitoring people & productivity monitoring, auspicious activity monitoring and common company compliance policies.

Do I need to install get new cameras to run this system?

No! You do not need any new camera or hardware to run this system. VisionAl works with your existing security camera infrastructure. We support RTSP, RTMP, HLS and other common video platforms. Current safety surveillance systems are just record and playback – we can bring a lot of operational and safety insights from the current camera systems.

Is it Free to use? How does the licensing work?

Licency details can be found at here.

How can I try it out quickly?

We recommend testing this on a beefy machine with a NVIDIA graphics card. To quickly test out a scenario you can follow these commands.

$ pip install visionai

$ visionai web
And then browse the different scenarios, create pipelines for our organization. We also provide a Azure Managed App which has all the dependencies pre-installed.

How can I customize the models to work in my environment?

We work with our clients to quickly create customized models for their use-cases. This is available to be purchased through Azure marketplace as a Consulting Service-we recommend this option for a quicker transaction. You can find more details here.

How do I ensure that my images are not used in training other models?

We take our customers data privacy very seriously. All our current models available in the community edition are based off of open-source datasets We have several customer specific models trained on private data, but those datasets are maintained on their own storage accounts. They are not used for training any publicly available models.

We already have some Vision Al models running, can you integrate with them?

Our system is isoluated on its own and all it needs is a set of comera output. We are focused on building more use-cases to cover common safety and compliance scenarios As such, we would work with you to build a framework where these use cases are isolated and easy to. integrate into your organization.

We have an inhouse ML team. How does this help them?

Our license terms are flexible to provide your in-house ML team a starting point where they can build their new use-cases. We also provide a customer success team that can with you to understand your requirements and guide you in coming up with the right solutions for the problems you are working on.