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Blur Screens

Ensure the privacy of individuals by obscuring docomputer monitor and other gadget screens in camera feeds

text blur

Blur screens as part of pre-processing


Blurring Computer Monitor screens is a common technique used to protect the privacy of individuals in images and videos. The process involves using computer vision based model to obscure the alphanumeric characters on a computer monitor, making them unreadable. Blurring Computer Monitor screens can be an effective way to protect the privacy of individuals, particularly in situations where their screens may be captured on camera without their knowledge or consent. This can include surveillance footage, dashcam footage, or even photographs taken by bystanders.

Vision AI-based monitoring

Vision AI-based model for signs/document blurring can be particularly useful when sharing documents containing personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and financial account numbers. It can also be useful when sharing documents that contain trade secrets, confidential business information, or other sensitive data that could be used to harm individuals or organizations.

The model uses a detection algorithm followed by computer vision techniques to obscure texts in images and videos. The model works in a way that it ensures that documents and signs are fully and effectively obscured so that it cannot be read or easily recovered by others.


We would be releasing the model for blurring computer monitor screens in Q2-2023.

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