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Occupancies Policies

Ensuring security and controlled access at the workplace is vital for organizations, but conventional surveillance and crowd management techniques are complex, expensive, and heavily reliant on human intervention. Furthermore, these systems are often unable to provide desired, foolproof results due to limitations, inaccuracies, and the inability to provide multiple metrics.

One of the significant challenges with current systems for workplace crowd management is the constantly evolving workplace dynamics. For instance, frequent changes in access requirements can make it difficult to reconfigure one-time installation measures and create a tedious and time-consuming task. As a result, these systems may be limited in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and scalability, making them less effective in certain situations and unable to adapt to changing needs or circumstances. This challenge highlights the need for more dynamic and adaptable solutions to accommodate the evolving nature of workplaces.

Visionify’s Workplace Safety Suite for Occupancy Policies

Enhance the safety and intelligence of your workplace with our cutting-edge VisionAI suite designed for effective crowd management. Our Crowd Management suite offers a complete solution set that helps you regulate access, enforce security policy adherence and deter intruders effectively. Our fully automated and ready-to-deploy models enable real-time monitoring for the detection of unauthorized access attempts, ensuring that your facility is guarded 24/7. Instant alerts are sent to prevent security breaches before they happen. Our system guarantees reliable detection and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing camera infrastructure, making it easy to scale your system with just a few clicks.

What’s included in this suite:

  • Max occupancy
  • Restricted areas/times
  • Dwell time
  • Authorized personnel